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If I have htaccess, do I need to move downloads to root?


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My store is all digital downloads. I've not been too concerned with this until recently. I am not very versed in all of this, the forum has helped me LOTS. However, Im reading conflicting advice, or maybe Im just not understanding it all.


Do I need to move my downloads folder to the root directory if I have htaccess "enabled" on my site? If I do, how do I accomplish this? Will moving the folder mess up where I put for the site to find the files in the Products Attributes? I tried renaming my downloads folder once and it didn't work AT ALL. So I had to change it back.


Also, if I have free items, can I put FREE in the specials category for the free items? I do not like having my downloads split between a blog, a third party hosting site and my store site. Ive taken the freebies category out for now, but thought, maybe I could list them as usual, as if they were an item to be purchased, however, put zero for the price in the product listing, then in the product attributes give the name of the zip file as usual, but then put them on special as FREE items. Is this making any sense?


A little help would be greatly appreciated.





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