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The e-commerce.

Questions reguarding customising, pics inside


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**before I start i'm using the template xwayz, found HERE


Ok, so ive been slowly working through my store, customising as i needed.


I've managed to get most things done, but i've hit upon a bit of a blank with the following;


How do i change page names?

Currently my nav box looks like this;



I want to change this so it reads

Shipping and Returns



Contact Us


So it's only the middle 2 that need changing.


I went into information.php and tried just changing





As well as changing the filename of conditions.php and the title bit at the top of it.


The trouble i've got is that when Oscommerce was installed it created multiple files of the same thing;



I never thought this was that much of an issue as it all seemed to work ok, I can rename 1 of the files to disclaimer.php, but if i try to rename the others it won't let me.


Any ideas?


How do i change the colour of the £ on prices?



I know it's in the stylesheets somewhere, I just cant find where :(


How can i delete these google adds?





For some reason when i downloaded the template it came with these google ads, I have no idea who they are connected too, i guess the creator of the template. Either way I would like to delete them.

If i click on one of the main catagories they are at the top and bottom (top pic), and when i click on a product to see more info they are at the bottom (bottom pic). How can i delete these?




That should do it for now, thanks for any help anyone gives :)

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1 reason not to use templates that you know nothing about;


 /* You are not allowed to prevent these adzones from displaying on your website when using the Thin Blue osCommerce template.
   If you need to remove these ads please contact the template author: [email protected] 
 Removing the ads from your website when using the Thin Blue osCommerce template without the author's permission you will make illegal use of the template and may be prosecuted. */


That is what it says about the Google Adsense. You are not allowed to remove it, so you are stuck with a webstore that advertises other peoples products based on your product pages.


Dump this template now.

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I was thinking about downloading that template as well but this made me very concerned.


It seems to me that that the author of this template has their own personal financial needs over anything individual who is interested in ecommerce.


Why? It's simple - These google ads (adsense) will be free advertising for the author of this template at the expense of the stores owner. What will happen is they the store is published, they will have google ads that will compete against your products that you are trying to sell. Also, the store owner will be doing the advertising and there will be a cost associated with that. For the author of the template, there is no cost to the person because he controls the google ads.


In my opinion, this should not be allowed in this community.

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In my opinion, this should not be allowed in this community.


It is not allowed. Some years ago, a similar situation happened with the original Paypal IPN Module, at that time (as far as I recall) the contribution was nuked and the author was ostracised from the community.

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The trouble is I don't want to use a great deal of this template, the entire graphical side i'm editing / completely changing, along with a good bit of the code, it's only the base structure of the site that I want.


Is that still considered his template after all mywork has been put into it?

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Huzzah, if you head over to the owners site, Xwayz template, check in the comments, near the bottom youll see;


trying to get rid of the google ads i found a comment in the source code saying that “you are not allowed to remove the google ads … please contact the author of this template (ThinBlue)” ; could you please explain in what terms we can use this template !?


and the following answer;


you are allowed to remove the ads, just say thanks. some of the users just remove the copyright, the ads and don’t even say thank you. This is why I put that warning text.


I'm quite happy to leave a link to his site on there and a note saying he designed it, but it does seem i'm aloud to remove the ads :D


I've been looking around and can't for the life of me find them, can anyone shed some light?

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This owuld be a question to ask the Template Author.


i've tried, he doesnt seem to answer my emails :(


oh well, i guess ill keep poking him heh.


cheers for the help anyway guys :)

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