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The e-commerce.

Feedback for my new store please


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Hi -


One issue is that your bullets appear in the middle of the text on product_info pages in Firefox 3 on a Mac. It seems like the bullets are being centered by the table style while the text is flush left based on the text div within the table. This doesn't happen in Safari or in the old IE 5 on a Mac. You can probably test it at: http://browsershots.org


It seems that there are two ways to get to the site - either at http://www.england-coolers.co.uk or at http://www.england-coolers.co.uk/catalog/ - I guess that you are trying to get people there through http://www.england-coolers.co.uk/. But, using this link, all of the html is identical from page to page - does this mean that google won't be able to crawl it? And, if you get there through http://www.england-coolers.co.uk/catalog/, there are no url specific header tags nor SEO url's, which I believe should be added.


I think that an address and phone number would be helpful, too. And SSL as mentioned - even for the submission of account info.


Otherwise, nice, simple, clean site. Good luck with it.



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Some feedback from moi:


1. It's very red. Why not change the category header colour (the bars at the info box tops) to blue? Might break up the screen a little... (I know the St George is only red and white)


2. Images are squashed as you're using a large imange squeezed into a small holder. This also increases the page load time. STore a small thumbnail image and use a contribution to show a different, larger image as your preview. An example is available at my site: http://www.datamouse.biz/catalog This is using Lightbox too.


3. The background images in your product pages are a little distracting to me. Maybe lighten them (increase opacity) so that the black writing is easier to read.


4. You have some great icons (like the notification icon) - but are still using defaults for the search options (both magnifier and top right of advanced_search.php)


5. Bold the headers in your privacy policy using <b> or <strong> (remember to close with </b> etc).

Also, offer a link to contact us from the privacy policy.


Otherwise, great little store.





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