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The e-commerce.

Feedback on new bathroom store please


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Your product_info.php page isnt working...when you try to view a product it just brings you back to the same product listing page..

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What areas in particular are you looking for comments on?


It's very standard osCommerce. You need to look at adding modules such as featured products, seo urls, small/large image, etc etc. Then give it a design.

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personally, i think you need a LOT of work. you site is oscommerce with different colors. It doesnt scream class and elegance like your products. You want your site to refelct your product directly. Make some nice images, classy buttons, a better category box, uniform product listing, better product descriptions..


look at your suppliers websites. they have more style to them. SInce you are carrying their products, you should be a mesh of what they show.

A great place for newbies to start

Road Map to oscommerce File Structure

DO NOT PM ME FOR HELP. My time is valuable, unless i ask you to PM me, please dont. You will get better help if you post publicly. I am not as good at this as you think anyways!


HOWEVER, you can visit my blog (go to my profile to see it) and post a question there, i will find time to get back and answer you


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I am just about to purchase a new bathroom, so I looked at your site with some interest.


I think that most of the pictures are too small. If you are expecting customers to select items, then they need to see what they are buying. You could always put large pictures in the product description. Some of the pictures, eg. the Euro Beech units, are so small that you can't even see what they are!


I eventually found your address and telephone number! Why not put them on the "Contact Us" page?


I looked for a Shower Bath and couldn't find one. Having 186 items under "Baths and Whirlpools" is too many. Can't you split this up and use some sub-categories? (Incidentally I didn't get a shower bath using the Search option either.)


I'm not sure that you should be directing customers to your suppliers' websites which are much "slicker" than yours. If you have decent pictures and a more detailed description, then the site would work a lot better. I don't think that, at the moment, you are giving your customers a pleasant experience using your shop. Incidentally are your Beech units really made by Phoenixwhirlpools?


No time for any more. I think that the images are your biggest problem.

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