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Database issues, getting 1054/1064 when adding new values or tables


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I have a very troubling problem with my database.

Whenever I run any sql file on the database, I'm getting the 1054/1164 unknown column in field list error/table doesn't exist for the values or tables added

Does anyone know what's causing this? I've checked the mysql version in phpMyAdmin, it says 4.

The queries are run successfully but I see no changes in Admin. For instance when I insert new values into the configuration table... :blink:

I'm stumped, so if anyone knows the solution or the origin of this problem, please help me out.

I'm beginning to get pretty darn desperate here...

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Oh my, that's going to be a painfull procedure I assume. Is this really the cause? :o

The Osc version I'm using is MS2, so I'll have to be upgrading to RC2a, right?

I have loads of contibutions in my shop, I hope all goes well.

Thanks for replying! Will look into it later in the day.

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Yeah, you're right I suppose. I'm already on it. ;)

I'm upgrading to RC1 and then moving on to RC2a. Is that correct?

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All done upgrading, wich is a good thing. Except that the problem with the database is still there. :(

I havn't the faintest clue to what's causing it and my hosting company is telling me to look for the solution on this forum as they do not assist their clients with such applications. If anyone has encountered this problem, please reply. I've searched the forum but found nothing relevant to my situation...

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I came across this when I was first searching for the solution to my problem, but that wasn't the issue at hand.

What happend is that after I upgraded my account with my hosting company, I transfered my site to another server.

The database connection was wrong in configure.php! I went from shared IP to dedicated IP and my shop was still trying to connect to the old database server. After changing the database server to localhost all is well now. It's such a stupid mistake! I've lost all the changes I made since the upgrade, so you can be sure this will NOT happen to me again!

Thanks for all the help, Lola! I really appreciate it!

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