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How to Delete Expected Products ?


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Hi all.

So here's my situtation. We just updated our product catalog. It's time to reload the new products in the store, and delete all the old ones. I did delete all products and all categories, but some products still show up!

FYI, we use easy populate and never entered an "available date"; we just leave it empty.


So right now, all products are deleted, all categories are deleted.


Yet if you go in the "expected products" admin section, there's a carbon copy of all products we used to have, and no way to delete those.


I tried reuploading the easypopulate file with an available date of, say, January 1st 2008, but it did not change anything.


Because of that, even though all products are deleted and there is no categories, all products show up on the "what's new " page.


So that's the problem.


Any quick way of deleting the "expectd products" database ??


Thanks soooo much for your time!

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Try looking at "My Add-Ons", there is one to clears down products. (under the balloon picture)


You can either install it or use the list of tables and clear them manually via phpmyadmin.

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I only can think on two options:


1.- Caching of the output.


Go to the admin panel ->Configuration -> Cache and set the "Use Cache" to false


2.- Let's see what is it on your db.


The expected products are stored in the same table in which all products are stored. The difference between actual and expected products is the value of the "products_date_available". See if there are some products in the table products. If so, then, for some reason, your products with a value on "products_date_available" are not being deleted. Try to remove for yourself directly in the DB. Also delete the rows all products_* tables associated with the products you are deleting (So, if you are deleting all products, then empty all products_* tables).


But please, before doing this, backup. If something get wrong, then restore.



Hey!!... I still need help with this http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=309208. Please, take a look on it.

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Hi Geoffrey,

So my first trial was your Add On.

I installed everything and got to the tools page where I click "confirm" to "Would you like to clear down products and associated tables?"


When my page reloaded, I had the error:



1062 - Duplicate entry '46406d97f33d371f30f8739a08ce6da1' for key 1


insert into sessions values ('46406d97f33d371f30f8739a08ce6da1?action=prod?action=prod?action=other?action=other?action=prod?action=prod', '1216573305', 'language|s:7:\"english\";languages_id|s:1:\"1\";selected_box|s:13:\"configuration\";')





Any ideas?

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