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Order processed BEFORE checking out ?!


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Hi everyone,


I posted this once before and received some good suggestions but the site still has this glitch I need to find and correct. So, here is the scenario once again:


Customer logs in, places item(s) in their cart. Clicks checkout....chooses a delivery method....clicks continue......chooses a payment method (in this case, just paypal)...and, click continue......THIS is where the order is processes by OSC and the order information is emailed to the store owner and shows up in the admin section as an order placed. The customer never has to continue the process of confirming the order or going to paypal to pay for the item(s).


I have replaced checkout_process.php, checkout_payment.php and checkout_confirmation.php with original OSC files in hopes of correcting this problem but the problem still exists.


The site is configured with the following:


1) OsCommerce 2.2 RC2a

2) SPPC v4.2.1a

3) Scrolling Specials Box v1.0

4) Login Box v5.7

5) cDynamic Meta Tags v1.6

6) City Delivery v1.1

7) Store Pickup v1.5

8) Featured Products 161

9) Product Listing Columns v2.2.7

10) Xsell v2.4

11) Contact Us pop-up business card

12) Private Messages v1.3

13) Admin Notes v2.3

14) Actual Attribute Prices v1.0

15) Buy Button removal if qty=0 v1.1

16) Back Back Button

17) OsCommerce Style Sheets

18) Customer Groups Discount Updater

19) Ontario Tax Zones Setup

20) Who is Online Enhancement v3.5.2

21) Spiders.txt upgrade v07.04



ANY suggestions about what could cause this problem.......please suggest it so I can look at it.


Thank you



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With the standard osCommerce Pay Pal module it is possible to spoof the checkout process. When you get as far as Checkout Confirmation if you then type checkout_success.php in place of checkout_confirmation.php in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard then you will go to Checkout Success and the order will be recorded and emails will be sent out. However, there will be no order in your Pay Pal account, which you should always check before shipping goods anyway. Is this waht you are referring to?


If it's not and your site is automatically going from checkout_confirmation to checkout_success then there is a fundamental problem in the coding of your website. I would have pointed to checkout_process.php, but you say you've already replaced that.



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Hi Vger,


Although this site has paypal installed the problem is when the customer clicks from the payment page to the confirmation page, OSC processes the transaction as complete and send an email to the store owner stating a purchase has been made. OSC admin side also says a transaction is complete. The customer could still be trying to decide whether they really want to go to paypal to pay for items and osc already thinks it is done. :o


I would have to agree that somewhere down the long list of modifications, something was changed or conflicts during the checkout process that would do this.


Again, anyone with a suggestion.............please, let me know.....





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