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The e-commerce.

ebook store


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Hello everybody,


Second post and I'm asking for help. Shame on me. Also a repeat post.


Discovered osCommerce by accident. Way to go. Great resource. Thanks to all involved in creating and maintaining it.


Decided to set up a store for electronic downloads. Some free, some paid for.


Is the osCommerce system as it stands secure for this purpose or additional security measures required?


Heard many stories of hackers easily finding 'download' folders, which obviously means they could be insecure.


I'd be grateful for any advice.


If I am in the wrong Forum please advise.





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osC can handle downloads securely.

You will need to secure the download folder on your web server - and there are additional security contributions that can make this even more robust.


My site does eBooks in the same way that you suggest (some free, some not). Check out http://www.datamouse.biz/catalog

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Hey Danny thanks for the help.


Will check your site shortly.






Your skills are very impressive.


Visited your site, great design. Is the store profitable? In other words is it worth my while learning to customize my store?


I have along way to go yet with my design skills.




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The store is more of an attraction.

As you can see, most things are free.


However, it does generate a massive amount of traffic from Google and some customers then want the "real" money services - web design, custom icons/logos and databases.


The store basically covers all overheads for teh site (hosting, traffic).

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