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Password Protected Store


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Is it possible to have different users login and see different products.


I have 10 products on my store. (1,2,3,4....10)

If User 1 logs in they only see products 1,2,3

If User 2 logs in they only see products 4,5,6,7,8,910.


Is this type of functionality available at all?

Thanks in advance.

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The SPPC (Seperate Pricing Per Customer) will do this. You can create customer groups and hide/show products/categories based upon each group. You will need to approve customers for each group as they will all be in the default group when they first create an account.

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It is a contribution, you have to download and install it from the contribution section. Just do a search for "sppc" and it will turn up.



SPPC will allow you to create customer groups so that you can only allow a certain customer group to see certain products, but it is not a password protected store unless you eliminate all the products for the general public (the main group) or put a password on the site. Either of those options is not good as then search engines won't see them either and you will loose a lot of traffic.

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