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How do I and Can I list freebie digital downloads category?


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My store has digital scrapbooking downloads. I offer some freebies on a blog, but would like to keep them contained in one place. Is there a way to have a FREEBIES category and show pics and info just like the purchased downloads, but have them no need to checkout or login? I would like these files to be separate from my downloads that are for purchase also. Is this possible? How do I go about doing it? It has become a pain in rear to juggle the sites for my store, the main website, blog and a file storage/download site where freebies can be downloaded. Any and all help would be appreciated!


Thanks, Michelle


My store is www.clearcreekscraps.com/catalog if anyone wishes to go see.

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Oh, come on people...I KNOW there's someone out there who knows how to pull this off. Gimme some direction and Ill dance at your weddings!!!! :)





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Well, total newbie

and this doesn't seem the right way to do it,


but could you set up a category with the downloads as seperate products, etc


but just Add a big download button in the area where you put

the product info for each item?


That way they can download the product from the product info page?


Just a thought

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LOL...Ive been around since February or so and yeah, I feel like Im still a newbie!


I figured it out somewhat. I added the item to a freebies category, entered no price and down where it says "Product URL", I entered the file download page at the file hosting site of 4shared.com where all of my freebies are currently. I couldnt find any other way to do it. I tried making a new folder to download from, but ugh, didnt work. I would love to be able to store them on the server and for people to be able to download directly from the site, without having to login or go through the payment process, which is what I ran into when I tried to add the new Freebies folder to the server and have the download files there. WHAT A PAIN IN THE PATOOTIE!


Im sure there is a way to do it right from the site, but so far, you're the only one to answer. Hmm, surely Im not the only one who has this issue.


Thanks for answering!



www.clearcreekscraps.com/catalog is my site if you wanna go see how the freebies are working right now.

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