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moving test site to live configuration?


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How can I move my test/building site from it's current position in my directory tree into the site root without losing data and changes?


I've tried doing a search for this, but there's no way I'm going to look through a return of 247 PAGES of results. grrrrrr. (Maybe I'm just not using the right search terms or something).


Thanks in advance.



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If your development host == production host, then you just need to edit configure.php and copy the files where you want them.


All the important info is in the DB and the acess method will not change if you switch directories.


For example:

Testing Setup: www.mysite.com/testing/catalog/

Production Setup: www.mysite.com




Then copy all the files from the testing/catalog/ directory to your WWW root directory.

You also need to edit you configure.php file to point to the catalog home.


If you have to switch to a new host, then you need to backup the database and load it on the new site. Try searching for mysqldump or database back up and restore.

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What I did when I moved my shop to the /root dir. I downloaded my finished files to my harddrive, cleaned up the files on the server, and then uploaded my finished shop to the server. But, not before editing my two configure.php file with the correct data. It went painless, except I did forget to edit my admin based configure.php. Ok, I don't follow my own advice. lol. I got the files moved and also got a updated backup of my entire store. I do also suggest create a temp "We're Upgrading" index.html for those who happen upon your site durring the switch.



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