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Converting Sales


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to check if anyone has any tips or advice on how to increase my conversion rate from viewing products to completing sales.


When i go in and check who is online, there are quite frequently users who have items in their cart, but fail to proceed with their order. I feel i am losing a fair bit of business as the customers dont seem to carry through their orders.


Anyone else had this and done something to improve?


My store is at www.pbxports.co.uk/shop


any help you can give is really appreciated!



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You may want to try something like purchase with out an account?

Also IMHO your sign up page is asking too many questions, why should it matter what gender your customers are?

This makes people think they will be bombarded with spam (not saying you would)

Telephone Number unless essential are also a big turn off for the same reasons.

Could also be you prices? I dont know anything about that though!


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You also may want to temporarily install ultimate tracker (I think that is what it is called) and see if your customers are all dropping off at the same point. If lets say, 80% of the non completed sales orders get to checkout_shipping and leave and your shipping is set at a flat $100, you know that is probably scaring them. If they leave at the payment screen, they may not feel secure or want another method of payment offered. It uses a ton of resources though, so I would not run it permanently.


You can also install recover carts, that will allow you to send a customer a very pleasant "hey, why didn't you buy this item" and can either prompt those sales (we had about an 8% return) or get some feedback directly from your customers as to why.

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