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The e-commerce.

if the shipping cost depends of the payment


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if you try the Counter refund payment method, this will increment for you the shipping cost, because the ship agencie will imput you a percentatge of the total.


do you have any idea for solve this point.




if an 'inteligent' person read it, please that don't think that is a grocery

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First of all bgeno I don't quite understand what you are after here. What d you mean by Counter refund payment method.


Hozone, what you ask is possible with contributions already available. However you should be aware that in many countries it is illegal to charge an extra amount depending on the payment method.

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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I don't know that was illegal, here doesn't.


I have to add an extra amont because the "collect on delivery" (i don't know if it'correct in english), with our postal service cost an extra amont of 3 euro. i.e.


delivery : + 5 euro

if you pay when you recive your order : + 3euro

else if you pay using CC : + 0euro

osCommerce Italia support: http://www.oscommerceitalia.com

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