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OSC Move to Root Question


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Okay... I installed my OSCommerce site in a directory called oscommercetest with the plesk tool on a 1and1 VPS. Worked like a charm. I added my skin, and everything worked fine. I decided to move the application to the root and leave the other for code change testing. I made appropriate changes to both configure.php and everything worked except I kept getting product not found errors when I clicked on a product. It seemed like the GET_HTTP_VARS call for products_id was returning '0' and the app was basically ignoring querystring values.


I did some research and looked into the issue. Some suggested adding php.ini with the following


register_globals = On

register_long_arrays = On


I created php.ini, put in the root and restarted the web service, but that didn't do it. maybe file permissions? but I looked and the working version in my oscommercetest folder did not have a php.ini either. I found a workaround/hack in application_top that manually populates the HTTP_GET_VARS array


foreach($_GET as $key=>$value) 	$HTTP_GET_VARS[$key]=$value;foreach($_POST as $key=>$value) 	$HTTP_POST_VARS[$key]=$value;


and that seems to work, but I dont understand what the real problem is/was. Any thoughts on where to look? As I said before, it works fine in the original install directory. I'd rather not modify the code with a workaround. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



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If it works in your test folder but not in the root double check your configure.php files and your .htaccess file.



Hmmm... I must have copied the offending change back into the original test folder because now it is doing the same thing. I will just add those lines to the application_top page and move to the next problem.



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