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The e-commerce.

Can i do ordering for several ship-to?


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Basically, i am looking for a package for “Internal orders”.


A chain of store will place their orders to their central logistics central. However, we need to be able to have a “class” of users that is able to place orders for _any_ store. In other words, if for instance a customer calls in an order, we need to be able to process and put in an order for that customer.


So, can I do this?

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Not sure if you are looking for this but check out SPPC (seperate pricing per customer). It will allow you to create customer groups (retail and the stores) so customers can purchase off the site as well as the stores can order.


If you just need to be able to access ALL the customers/stores accounts then Master Password will work (one password gets you into all accounts) or any of the contributions that allow you to create orders via the admin.


Not sure I fully understood what you were looking for.

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Uhm, not quite.


We're basically a Warehouse. We deliver goods to a chain of stores.

That i can use OSCommerce to have the stores order goods, thats no problem.

BUT i also need to be able to have users that can act as a call center.


If "Store-A" calls in an order (If they cant for instance access the internet), I need to be able for someone to place that order in the system _on behalf_ of "Store-A"


Does that make more sense?

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