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Fixing error messages!


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I'm trying to set up an installation of OS Commerce (this is my first time so bear with me!)... it was installed directly by my service provider so i don't know a great deal about it's workings yet. Have followed the documentation all through the setting up and added a product, but when i look at my shop i have an error appearing in the top left corner of the page (using default template for the time being).


The error is as follows:


Warning: fread() [function.fread]: Length parameter must be greater than 0. in /mydomain/includes/functions/cache.php on line 60


I've tried looking in the file that it mentions but i can't see the function it refers to, nor do i know where the parameter is coming from in order to change it to something other than 0.... ? Can anyone help with this?


Also I am getting an error on the backups page:

 Error: Backup directory does not exist. Please set this in configure.php.


But the backup directory that the install has listed for this is the wrong path. How do i change this setting? and where is configure.php?


I would be grateful for any help, still don't know my way around OSCommerce, it's quite confusing and overwhelming at this stage!

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