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Different msg index.php dependant on campaign clicked


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Hi there everyone!


I've got a few campaigns going on adwords and what I really want to do is display a different front paragraph for people landing on the front page of my site (index.php) dependant on what campaign on adwords they've clicked on.


What I was thinking of doing was:


1) Update my click through URL in adwords to a subdirectory of my site onto a file which sets a session variable to indicate what campaign they've clicked on

2) redirect to the front page after the session id is set

3) read the session id in index.php and then display the appropriate message dependant upon what the session id is.


Ok - so I had a little fiddle around and came across some problems with doing the above.


1) When I set the session ID on the page which redirects before redirecting (with $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["variable"] = "variable contents";) then redirect to the normal index.php page, the session variable doesn't seem to contain anything.

2) How do I get php statements into my ../includes/language/english/index.php page? Especially as all the text is in the TEXT_MAIN section.


I know - pretty newbie sort of questions - but would really love some help from everyone and I think it would be quite handy to have this sort of functionality so that we can directly target our customers and give them the right information faster!





Thanks all!!!


tL :^)

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