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The e-commerce.

Opinions Please


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Trying to improve our website in appearance, layout and design, and woul dbe grateful of any constructive criticism on our site



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Hi Carl,


Nice looking shop - very clean design, attractive and discrete use of color. However, you do have some issues:


-your metatags, title, keywords and descriptions, have leftover stock osCommerce info in them.


-your little pull-down info think below the header doesn't work (even though the pages are there in the lower right info box) - it's a nice idea, though, a nice, convenient place to put this stuff. Re. convenient location, it took a while to notice the breadcrumb trail (which has a redundant Top and Catalog in the trail) and the My Account links above the header.


-your have a leftover stock osCommerce button on the links page


-when you search for something that you don't have, you get a weird warning that the file searchsuggest couldn't be loaded.


-you are missing the language for the field TEXT_MAIN


-when I went to the first category, I got a SQL error. And I got the same error when going to empty categories (which you shouldn't have anyway). And, the flyouts are a little tricky to get to (probably because of the cell spacing in the flyout table?). The same error shows up with an empty manufacturer (there shouldn't be empty manufacturer's either).


-you don't have any payment methods displayed on the home page (I did find this hidden in Shipping and Returns) - these should be prominent. And, I didn't find an address, either.


-also, I didn't notice any SSL - I think that people are reluctant to provide any personal info over the internet, and, even though you do Paypal or check or money order, I think that this still applies to the Account info that you are requesting that they provide.


From the count at the bottom, you've been up and running for a while - how's the site doing?



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Thanks for your observations and comments.


The site has beenrunning around a year now and is getting found gradually altho we are not entirely sure, as we are nowhere to be seen on google and simular search engines. Maybe people are picking us up thru google shopping.


We need help and advice on how to get the site well found on search engies to achieve getting the customers thru and onto our site.


Anyone able to give us hints, tips or advice???

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We ave done alot of work on the site over the past month or so and would be grateful of peoples opinions and constructive criticism to help us round this site off in to a professioanl appearing, user friendly website that will hopefully become profitable for us in the future.


We welcome everyones views.





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The moment I saw I was creating an account over an unsecure server, I'd be outta there pronto. You've got to have a secure way for people to shop.


I think the store looks pretty good. You should have your manufacturer logos smaller though. It's breaking your right column. Make them uniform in size as much as you can to keep everything uniform in appearance.

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