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Create Account Process Issues


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Hi All,


New to OSC but coming along pretty well. I have a canadian store with a template on it.

When I go to CREATE NEW ACCOUNT, I go and fill the required information.

The default country listed is USA with state being in Alabama. The JS page referesh I guess has been set that as long as all the required fields are filled in, it submits the form.


So here is the problem:

When I have everything filled and I come to the country part, and I want to change to Canada, as soon as I select Canada from the drop down, it sends the "form refresh" and detects that all required fields are now filled; with the STATE being in ALABAMA; hence it submits the data to create the account. So Now I have an account with State set to ALABAMA and Country in Canada. Further, if I happen to select a wrong country by accident in the drop down, it submits that country along with the ALABAMA state into the DB.


How can I resolve this please?

I thought preselect of country etc. looked around found a temp. workaround but it didn't work. I would like that UNTIL the CONTINUE button is pressed, don't send the form in. I guess it does "onAction = refresh form (creat_account)" and since it has all the info, it processes. So, regardless of what country i choose (and the states are populated accordingly), user would have to press CONTINUE to submit the form.




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