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Master Products contrib - anyone using and have MySQL5 issues?


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I have fixed my advanced search issue after the MySQL5 upgrade on my server, but I am still getting this error whenever a product listing calls for slave products to be shown. I installed the following contrib many moons ago and it has been fantastic till now:


Master Products - MS2 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1681


I was just wondering if anyone else had used it and found a workaround - I'd love to keep the contrib, it's great as the alternative to "also purchased."





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Examine your PHP code for a JOIN (especially LEFT JOINs) with a list of tables to its left (after the FROM). They will be separated by commas. You need to have the list enclosed in parentheses () thusly:


... FROM table1, table2, table3 LEFT JOIN ...




... FROM (table1, table2, table3) LEFT JOIN ...


The reason is that MySQL 5 now conforms with the SQL specification that says that the JOIN is now of higher precedence that the comma. Thus, in the above example, under MySQL 4 the three tables are concatenated into one list, which is then fed to the JOIN. Under MySQL 5 (and standard SQL), only table3 participates in the JOIN. This leaves out any fields from table1 and table2 in the operation. Unfortunately, this breaks many MySQL applications. Fortunately, the fix is trivial and backward compatible to MySQL 4.

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Slav - I got that much, the problem I am having is with a contrib, and the issue would not be addressed by fixes to the original code.


Thank you so much MrPhil! I'm a gringo with the programming - I do OK until something higher brain comes along!

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