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how to change Head_Tag-Title


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I have a problem that I have been trying to solve for some time now. I have a webshop www.e-bumblebee.com but the head title just says E-bumblebee - Internet Explorer.

I want to change the text so people when searching on fx. google , can see that we sell mp4 players. So I need to have the text like fx. following : E-bumlebee - Buy MP4 cheap - MP4 player at low price.


How do I do that ? I found out that it is under Head_Tag_Title.php , but excactly how to do it I dont know.


Here is how it look under that file in my Adm. :


Can somebody please help me with what and how I change it. I have a clue that it should be the following : define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_INDEX', ''); // Title for individual page . But how should the text I want on in the title be put in if that is the right Tag to use ... Please somebody help.


osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions


[ Copyright © 2003 osCommerce


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Copyright © 2003-2007, Golden Planet ApS



Released under the GNU General Public License v.2



// /catalog/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php

// WebMakers.com Added: Header Tags Generator v2.3

// Add META TAGS and Modify TITLE


// DEFINITIONS FOR /includes/languages/english/header_tags.php


// Define your email address to appear on all pages



// For all pages not defined or left blank, and for products not defined

// These are included unless you set the toggle switch in each section below to OFF ( '0' )

// The HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL is included BEFORE the specific one for the page

// The HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL is included BEFORE the specific one for the page

// The HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL is included BEFORE the specific one for the page

define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL','OpenBizBox: ');

define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL',''); //needed for other files, which not included

define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL',''); //needed for other files, which not included




// index.php

define('HTTA_INDEX_ON','0'); // Include HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL in Title

define('HTKA_INDEX_ON','0'); // Include HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL in Keywords

define('HTDA_INDEX_ON','0'); // Include HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL in Description

define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_INDEX', ''); // Title for individual page

define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_INDEX1', ''); // Title only for 1st page

define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_INDEX',''); // Description for individual page

define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_INDEX',''); // Keywords for individual page

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You have a very old version of the header tags controller contribution installed. If you want to change the title for the index page, you would edit that file and change this

define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_INDEX', ''); // Title for individual page

to something like

define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_INDEX', 'My New Title'); // Title for individual page

A better thing to do would be to replace that contribution with Header Tags SEO. It is a vast improvement over what you have as well allows you to edit those titles from admin.



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