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How do I


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In reference to the How Do I thread, which I am still pushing through there is: 18. How do I change the column widths? If you modify the code as suggested, should this affect the width of the info boxes as well? I have installed the table headers and uploaded my own images for the headers, but the box is now wider than the images. So I would like to modify the width of the boxes.


Many thanks in advance.

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It will effect the entire colum and it defualt contents

How did you add your images?

If you used css they will be controlled by the setting in application top




Hi Nic,


sorry about the delay, I used the Design pack from toyicebear and the table headers contribution. The images I uploaded to the /images/boxes directory, but they seem to span about 3px less wide than the boxes on either side.


I would image:

define('BOX_WIDTH', 125); // how wide the boxes should be in pixels (default: 125)


Is where the size is defined, but if I modify this, I get no result.


Any ideas appreciated.

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