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/admin says 1,334 products, but lots are missing.. HELP!


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A few days ago I had to restore my database from an older copy due to a problem with a client of mine going into their mySQL database and deleting a few tables by accident. So I restored the database and all seemed to be going fine. Until lastnight the client calls up screaming that a lot of products are missing from the store, which is www.HealthyPetPantry.net/store. I immediately check out the admin section where it says there are 1,334 products in the store. I then go to phpmyadmin to verify, and it also shows 1,334 products in the products table.


After this I go to the store homepage and start clicking around. I see right away something isn't right, as one of the "new products" listings (the lright one) when you click on it says "no product". I go into the /admin part of the store and track down the product ID and its not there. Although when I go to phpmyadmin the product (1430) is listed with all the information.


The client is right that there are a lot of products missing from the /admin part and in the /store, but all 1,334 products show up in phpmyadmin. At this point i'm completely stumped and I don't understand what is going on.


Can a person familiar with this type of problem and/or a good admin help me out here? If necessary I am willing to pay to have someone diagnose and fix this problem for me. You can reply to this thread here and/or contact me at [email protected].


All help and suggestions are much appreciated.


P.S Both /store and /admin configs are using the same database and setup.

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It appears I fixed the problem.


I setup a new osCommerce install, then re-installed the mySQL database as another database. Changed the osCommerce configure.php files in /store and /admin and this seems to have fixed the problem.

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