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privacy notice examples

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Would some of you mind posting examples of a good, reassuring, and very importantly brief privacy notice page. Many of the examples that I am finding either run too vague, or are full constitutions on the use of cookies. "Notice" generally refers to a short note. Some of the examples I found where written with very good intentions, but came across a bit scary and stretched out. I do think that the customer wants to be informed, but I also feel that time spent reading can be better served as time spent shopping. I was thinking along the idea of giving them a good basic summary (around 3 paragraphs) of our standards on this page that implies "your information is SAFE," followed by "For full terms...please see our policy page" where they can continue for more exact definitions, if they please. I would be interested in seeing others, basically for how they are worded and worked. Thanks.

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I think that with your Privacy Notice it can either be complete or short, but not both. It is not only to inform your customers and potential customers but to also protect yourself. I see a lot of Privacy Notices that say "we will not share your information" but then how do you ship the orders if you don't share the information with the postal service. You need to also think about all the "what if's" such as if you ever sell your business or web site. If you don't share your customers information then you can't sell your customers and your web site which would make your site worth nothing. There are also a lot of countries that do not allow information to be stored about children. You must also that that into account.


If you want, take a look at our Privacy Notice

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