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new product box on the default/front page


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i'm wondering how to remove the new product listing that shows up under the welcome message on the default page. i've tried looking in every file and can't find it. my website is www.airpad.net. thanks for your help!

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Under catalog/default.php find the php statement around line 328 or do a search for this php code.




if you want to get rid of the whole <tr> table row





<td><br><?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?></td>



I did this on my shop and it works great.


Good luck!!

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Okay, I deleted the new products box, but I want to add HTML info about the products, etc...


I like what you've done on your site and that's sort of what I'm looking to do. I prefer not to put the info in a box, but to just have it show on the default.php page.


Any help is appreciated!



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Hi there,


What you do once you delete the products info, you have to go to your english directory catalog/includes/languages/english/default.php


Under that file you will see a text main '' Inside the apostrophes you can put any html that you wish in there just remember that if you use an apostrophe in between the two open and close apostrophes you need to use a back slash.


example: children's books should be - children's books


Otherwise you will receive an error. Good Luck

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I would like to make a suggestion. Don't delete anything when you edit your files. It is always best to just comment out the info. That way if you need to add it back in later all you have to do is remove the comments, instead of having to remember what you deleted. Also if you make an error, it is easier to fix.



Just my 2 cents.



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