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OS Commerce Evaluation - Help Please


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Everyone i could really use your help in answering some questions regarding the ability of OS Commerce to extend and meet some requirements for a new website i want to get built.


I want all the functionality OS Commerce provides including the following capability;


1. Ability for users to create and add theirown products for sale via a database lookup eg enter a product identifier like an ISBN and the solution fills the rest of the data in ( my assumption is OS Commerce can access external web services to retrieve information from places like amazon)


2. Users can not only create a list of products for sale, they can create a similar wishlist they would like to buy


3. Users can select more than one location ( i want users to have up to 3 defineable locations groups they can belong to - these will be search criteria )


4. Users are automatically searching via some default arrangements eg their three defined locations as a default, then without them


5. like the ability for both admin and users to be able to predfine delivery addresses that can be reused by others or just simple free form


6. Really, really want the transactions between buyers and sellers to be rated at the end


7. The software needs ability to rapidly scale to many millions of customers of course! ( well i hope so ), how scaleable is OS Commerce in software and hardware?


Should i be looking more into auction software and customise that?


Really, really would love everyones feedback to point me in the right direction.


I will also need some help with the customisation bit as well so if your keen let me know.


Thanks everyone.

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That list can be implemented but would require major modifications.


You'd be far better of looking at auction, marketplace and/or classifieds software instead.

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