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Paypal triggered by price and description


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Hi folks,


i am looking to add paypal to my site (dont use it currently) and i would like the customer to stay on my store to make this payment (so am guessing that ipn is the way to go there) HOWEVER i only wish paypal to be a selectable payment method providing the pricing is under a set amount AND in the product description the year is after 1953.


Any ideas how i can achieve the above?



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If you want the customer to stay on your site, then you have to use paypal pro, not ipn, and paypal charges for that (above the per item fee) so you may want to check that first. Once you get the module setup, the purchase limiter contribution will do what you want as far as the price is concenerd. It doesn't check the description but code for that could be added.



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It would be problematic. What happens if you have a buyer with three products, all of which come below your max paypal price, but 1 of which should not be paid via paypal? Does the whole order become not payable by paypal?


Anyway, if you can, have a think about adjusting your products slightly by adding an extra column to the product db, saying "paypal" - and a tick box to give each product a value, "1" or "0" in the product adding/editing screen. 0 being yes, can be paid by paypal, 1 being no paypal allowed. Then you have a quick way to decide whether to show the paypal module, simply add the total of the paypal column in each order and if it is NOT zero, disable the module.



You have raised some interesting points there, i need to have a little think about multiple purchases that may negate this option appearing. the extra db field and turning it on or off via that may indeed be a better option. Though how i link that to the existing paypal contributions im not so sure.

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in paypal module.


There is a concept of eable and disable.


get cart total and apply condition and disable it.



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