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Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

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I have installed PWA successfully and then the contribution called "Attributes - Option Type Feature". After the installations, everything seems to work correctly except when I give a product a Text Attribute called "Name", so a customer can submit a name to be imprinted on the product being purchased, during the purchase process, on the product_info.php page a tex box is not present , rather a drop down is in place (only ption is the word TEXT) and the customer can not enter a name....please help, I have been driving myself crazy for the past week with problems realting to this. See for yourself www.bingsbarkinbakery.com/catalog/ click on Birhtday Trreats --> Birthday Cake Giant --> Buy Now . When you try to enter a personalized name, instead of a text box, you get a drop down with an option to select "Text"....aggghh

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OK< I got past the text box issue, now I have a new problem:

I tried installing Product Attributes - Option Type Feature and I am having problems with passing the text variable properly. When the customer chooses the product and enters text in the text field, it seems to pass proprely until checkout_confirmation -- it ultimatley fills the text field with the word "TEXT", not the personalized entry. What is going wrong, please help.


See for yourself www.bingsbarkinbakery.com/catalog/ click on Birhtday Treats --> Birthday Cake Giant --> Buy Now . After you enter a name in the name field and continue with the checkout process, you will notice on the last step that the variable passed is "TEXT" and not the personalized name. Please help.

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OK, so now it seems to be passing the “Name” variable properly and it is showing up in the invoice and admin pages. I’m moving forward here but the problem still exists if a customer chooses to “Checkout without an Account”. The customers who create an account are being processed properly; the customers who choose not to, end up with the Option Type Field filled in with the word "TEXT"


I really have a feeling this last glitch lies in the process_checkout.php file…..I just don’t have the skills to figure it out. I’ll keep trying and any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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