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easy populate no image problem

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ive been using easy populate v2.76g (with product attributes) by surfalot to upload files...all my product infomation shows up perfect, but my images never show up when i upload files using easy populate...it makes no sense what so ever.....


My images will show up if i upload my images after i upload my .cvs files, but if upload my .cvs after the images are already there they do not show up... and if i update my .cvs files then the images dissapear and u have to reupload the images again...i dont understand whats going on here, but im to the point of giving up that is how much ive messed with this


Ived talked to my hosting site netfirms, and they have basically given as well that can't find out whats going on


I know my images are in the right directory mystore/catalog/images......


What is even wierder is if u manually go into oscommerce and upload the image from there instead of ftp them to mystore/catalog/images it show's up then.


I know that my .cvs file is set up right too


My main images are under v_procuct image....which i know is the right column and i know for a fact that my image names are identical to the ones listed under v_product image

because all my information was sent to me from my distributor so i know the info is right.....



Also Ive already used the offline .cvs splitter from this forum to split the file because it would time out at 300 items...i have split each file into 200 lines....i have like 85 pieces.....since i have like 15000 files



Everything else on my site works correctly when i use v.2.76g easypopulate just not my images



i talked to support from netfirms my webhost and they said they have no idea why its doing this because my stuff looked set up right....ive yet to find a answer of why its not finding the images


I do have SSL enabled ...and i read that, that can cause problems with images....but i tried changing the code as i saw on this site for that problem and it didnt fix it...


do i need to edit something in my configure.php file?


Im fairly new at php...but i know that i have my files set up right ive read all the manuals and everything i can find....and i cannot find a answer to this problem


"Vger" gave me the suggestion also to switch versions...but i didnt have any luck going that route either.......


Im at my wits end and its driving me crazy nobody knows how to fix this.....not my webhost ....not any of the members suggestions.....and nobody is really answering me....im really begging someone to help me figure this out...or i will have to pay for a professional cart which i do not want to have to do

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