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Paypal AND Google checkout together?


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I already have a the Paypal IPN module installed in my shop and it works great. I'm thinking about installing Google Checkout as well, just to have another payment option which will hopefully generate more sales. Is there any reason that this isn't a good idea?


Also, which Google checkout contrib version??? there's so much happening on this page, can someone suggest?



Thanks all!

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Sorry I don't know which contribution to use, I'm looking also...



In terms of using PayPal and GC, why not? I don't see any reason for them to conflict...

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I am trying to set up a new storefront with both Google checkout and Paypal, and the only conflict I have seen so far is with Paypal Express checkout and Google Checkout. Both modules seem to want to use the same areas of the checkout page, and I have not been able to get them both working at the same time. I can get either one to work without much issue, but not both at the same time.

I am sure someone who is more familiar with PHP could fix it. I am an experienced developer with C#, but I am very new to PHP.

It appears to me that either the developers who worked on the Google checkout module did not understand how osCommerce works very well, or they intentionally set it up so that if you use it, it would be difficult to continue to use Paypal, too.

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I have standard paypal installed and tried to set up google checkout. Went through all of the steps that the google checkout module asked including manually editing the PHP and the payment page shows up blank with google checkout turned on. I'm about to start looking into the problem, but I am certainly not a PHP guru. Hopefully I will figure out the problem.

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