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Creating DropDowns In Customer Information Page From Scratch


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I would like to add a few more drop down selections into my customer information page so that more information about that customer can be stored. Specifically a spectacle prescription.


I've looked at other contributions such as add Customer Title and Add Customer County, but everytime i try to plan the same steps for my own use i get lost and was wondering if anyone could kindly give me some help.


<td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_CUSTOMER_RESPHERE; ?></td>
               <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('resphere', $resphere); ?></td>


That is my code in the create_account page which on line one, shows the title of the section, and line two part one creates a dropdown and then after there is where i get confused.


On my phpmyadmin in the main database i created a new section called 'prescription' and in there had two fields set up, resphere, and lesphere.


$resphere = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['resphere']);

- I have that up at the top of the page, along with...

'resphere' => $resphere,

- that (those instructions came from another tutorial though.


What am i doing wrong?


I have the drop down menu sucessfully shown, but with no information. I added 2 or 3 values into the resphere field in phpmyadmin to read 1) +4.00 2)+5.00 and 3)+6.00 just as a test.


I'm sure my problem is that it is searching for the resphere field, but doesn't know that it is in the prescription section.



Can anyone please guide me on how to sucessfully, with simple steps, finish what i am trying to create. I would be incredibly greatful. Thankyou.

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