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how to add search box to Navigation header area???


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How can I add the search box to the navigation header area and still maintain a height of 18 pixel or less? When i add it to the header it seem to expand the row to around 29 pixels therefore making it very thick and ruining the design of my layout. Any suggestions?



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Is it possible to see a development version of your OSC site, the difference between 18px and 29px is very small, so much so that virtually anything could be causing the size increase...


My initial guess is that the search 'go' button may be causing it, or some redundant infobox code pushing it out, but short of seeing the actual problem, i cant really comment further.



Regards, Jay.

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I dont think its the go button as i have reduce that to less that 18 pixels in height. I think its more of the code since if you look at all the osc sites running a search box, you notice a wide area above and below the search box when u high light the area. You will see an invisable line below and under the box when highlighting it. How would you adjust the code to remove that invisible line? I don't have a direct example to show because my demo site is just that and is always in constant change.

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