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Why aren't my images resizing properly!


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All day now ive been trying to fix this but don't seem to be getting anywhere!!!!!!!I have applied the On The Fly Auto-Thumbnail addon and altho it has worked to some extent as the product images have now turned nice and smooth, the product image proportions has stopped working!! In the osCommmerce admin section ive set image width to 100 and left height blank , and the image proportion and image required set to true. I just don't understand why this isnt working!!!!


If anyone could take a look at my shop, you can see for some reason the product image heights are being squashed for some reason even though i've left the product image hight blank in the admin so it should automatically size the hieght of the image.


My shop is here:



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dont know what the contribution is doing but in admin in try setting an image height (dont leave it blank) and a widhth in the the 1st 2 lines(small image width small image height)

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