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Protx Form Process Flow


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HI Guru's,

I'm having issues understanding (and therefore implementing) the protx form module for RC2a. Can anyone help me please?


I've downloaded the module from this brilliant forum and tried in vain to get it to work, over the last couple of week nights. I believe I've followed the install correctly but have not managed to get a decent response from the protx test servers.


Am I understanding the user process flow correctly?...I searched the forum for a simple explanation but alas couldn't find one http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/style_emotico...fault/blink.gif


The user clicks on the checkout button on my site (after filling the cart with garden centre goodies), which invokes the 'checkout_shipping.php script.


#Assuming all the usual checks on that form such as user logged in etc have been fulfilled and no user intervention is required like editing address etc is needed.


Clicking on the continue button the user is taken to 'checkout_payment.php'.


As I want to only take credit and debit cards shown on the site via the protx form gateway, there won't be any need to do anything other than click the continue button here (should I therefore delete this?). This takes you through to the 'checkout_confirmation.php' script which appears to do all the clever stuff with protx.


#Working on the assumption that all the details are correct with the order and no edits are necessary, this is the point at which I'm POSTING to protx.


Reading and working with the Protx integration kit/guides etc, I've managed to reverse engineer the code to include the minimum details required on the http POST to protx.


The response then takes the user through to the protx test servers and using the test cards etc..manage to get all the way through to the response from protx. - - All appears to be OK at this point http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/style_emotico...lt/rolleyes.gif


HOWEVER, and this is the bit I need help with please....(sorry for the war and peace effort)


If the user clicks the proceed with the payment on the protx website, they should be forwarded back to my site and met with the checkout_success.php script or if the details of the card or the protx systems reject the card details they get bounced out to my checkout_failure.php script. Mine just simply hangs on success. I haven't got around to the failure bit yet..


Firstly, have I got the process work flow correct?


On trying to debug this code will the following work if I add it to the top of checkout_confirmation.php & checkout_success.php or will it get overruled by what ever is set in the php.ini file. (probably the default setting which I guess is set to OFF for errors)





I'm using a mac (safari browser) to work on all this so does anyone know of a debug tool that is equivalent to IEWatch?...that I could monitor the server responses on?


Currently I'm sending out to protx a fixed value of the total value of the cart £19.86...because I can't reverse engineer the cart total amount variable from within checkout_confirmation.php !



A direct consequence of this is that my site doesn't know how to update the order as processed and therefore never gets updated in the db.


As you can see, I'm in somewhat of a pickle and not experienced enough with php to dig myself out.


ANY suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

Never go to bed having taking a sleeping pill AND a laxative....

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