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Getting a hidden field's value from checkout_confirmation.php to checkout_process.php


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I'm using the eWay payment module (the official one from eWay) for credit card payments. Now, although it's not neccessary for it to work (eWay automatically detects the credit card type (visa/amex etc)), my client wants a field on checkout_payment.php where the customer has to select their credit card type from a drop down box. He wants this to help him weed out any stolen CC numbers which might be used; he will check that the inputted type matches the type that eWay detected. (Eg, if someone uses a stolen credit card number and incorrectly selects it as a Mastercard when in fact it is actually a VISA; he'll be able to notice this discrepancy).



This is my question:


I have successfully created the dropdown box on checkout_payment.php, the selected value gets put into a hidden field on checkout_confirmation.php, BUT, in order to save this value to the database, I need to transfer it from checkout_confirmation.php to checkout_process.php so that it can be added to the TABLE_ORDERS query and thus saved to the database. It appears I can't use $_POST to get the field's value in checkout_process.php; I assume because there's an intermeditary step between the two. Does anyone know what it is? How can I get the value to be saved to the database?


Can anyone help? Thanks!



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