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The e-commerce.

Product Attributes - Conditional Attributes etc


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Im sure it is not only me who needs this for their oscommerce site, and would benefit from it. Someone on the site has recommended QTPRO 4 or 4 Plus to resolve the issue but it does not do what me and probably a good amount of other people want to do with Product Attributes.


In product attributes i want several options for the customer on an item, but the second option list be conditional on what you select in the first option and the third option to be conditonal on the second. etc.


I would have thought this kind of addition would have been developed for oscommerce by now - as it is useful and sometimes compulsory for most people to run an ecommerce site sucessfully and easily.


Does anyone else have any feedback or suggestions for this query atall?

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How's it hangin'?


I'm not sure if I know what you guys are talking about, but I get the feeling I may be in the same spot. The following is a thread I started which no one has replied to yet (I did it not long ago). Is this something that you guys are talking about?


"I would like to provide shoppers with a bulk order discount.

I have found the product attributes settings and created the appropriate settings/filters to reduce the price etc.

There is a problem however.

If I want to provide shoppers with a $5 discount per item for orders, say in excess of 10, and they chose this option, how can I create the buy quantity to come up with a minimum value of 10? Is this possible.

The stage where I am at now is that the discount option is available and shoppers can choose it. However, they can still purchase only 1 item and the discounted price will be provided. What do I do??"

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Unfortunately that is not the same query to what i am chasing. Your problem i believe could be fixed with an Easy Discount contribution.


Mine, and i think a few other peoples' query with product attirbute is less about changing the price, or even the price atall but mostly the selection of options.


We would like to add several drop down option menus for a product, bu say once chose the first option, on the second option it displays results according to what you have selected in the first selection and so on.


The way i want to use it, because in Option One there are three options for a product but the most expensive one will have some of the products in option two already included as standard therefore i want those perticular add ons on the second option to either not be there or greyed out.



There must be something or someone who can help with this, or offer some help surely.

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Ok, Timmie. I get your problem.

Hmm, well I have no clues, but yes, it's not something that I'm stuck with at the moment. It seems my issue is a cakewalk compared with yours, as you are dealing with multiple, multiple variables, I'm only dealing with 2 (or 1, whatever).

Can you provide me with assistance. I don't know what an Easy Discount contribution is.

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I can direct you to the contribution with the following link :- http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3945


But unfortunately i've been trying to use this contribution to no prevail, trying to use it to apply a simple 2 for 1 discount on my products. The installation files an very instructive, but the material does not elaborate on how to actually apply the discounts so that's where i am stuck at the moment.


The way that contribution is advertised though, and what people have used it for, it will definitely be able to solve your problem, and if you find a way of actually using it i would love to be informed.


Good Luck.

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Big effort.

Thanks for your time. I'll get onto reading that now.

I wish I could have helped you, but I'm really just beginning.

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