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Hi guys,


Just wanted to ask about osCommerce templates. I have heard horror stories about the templates offered for sale on the net, so I have steered clear of them. I looked at the contributions to the community, and none of the templates there suit the design I am looking for. Does anyone know of any other place I can source a FREE template. I am opening an online clothing store and have some programming skills, but not enough when it comes to the osCommerce application. I am looking for something funky that has the same look/feel as my website.


Also, is there an html template that gets edited, or is it all php, css. All I see are these files, no html. I can edit with no issue in html and css, but I am no expert in anything else.


Lastly, can someone please suggest a merchant account company, and explain the installation/activation process.



Thanks a ton!



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The files are css or php based but you don't really need to know anything about php to edit them. For the more 'out there' shops that look very different from the original cart I think most people use a mod called STS which I believe stands for Simple Template System. With a bit of effort you could probably get something reasonable looking. If you link your current site people will be able to comment on how hard it is to make something that fits in well.


Most people tend to use contributions to customize their site and this doesn't require much coding knowledge as they all come with instructions on how to install. Personally I like the look of standard OSC so I only customized mine a little to make it less dull (I'm sure you could read lots on usability and why conforming to web standards such as a menu always on the left hand side is good).


http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1524 is the page for the STS mod which will give you an overview.


If you get a free template you'll get what you pay for - sites like Template Monster offer templates for sale but even some of those aren't great. The best option if you have the time is to do it yourself. It'll take a bit of effort but if you have html and css knowledge you'll be able to handle it no problems.


By merchant account company do you mean payment processing? If so it depends on which country you're in.


Good luck!


P.S. http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=139426 is a useful thread.

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