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External links contribution? (poss. infobox..?)


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I am currently running OsC alongside my own CMS (content management) but have found that a lot of the tasks my CMS provides can be handled using contributions/code changes to OsC, therefore making the need for my own CMS smaller.


In order to simplify things for my client, i am down to needing one more modification to OsC - a 'links' section.


Before i go writing my own module, i thought i would check on here to see if anybody has already done such a thing - all i need is fields for a URL, site title, description, and possibly link click counting as a useful bonus for the client - but not a necessity. Anyone seen anything that can do this?


If i write my own module, i'll be sure to contribute it - but theres no point re-inventing the wheel!

Regards, Jay.

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I haven't seen a contrib like that myself, and I'd LOVE to.


Could you consider making seperating the links between ones in the box, and ones on another page that you could access in he box with a link at the bottom saying "More links"?


so you'd have


Links Infobox



First link

Second link

Third Link, etc


Click here for more links (links to /links.php)


That way, you could say, feature affiliate links to complimentary merchants or major info portals, then use your links page to links page for reciprocal links or other important, but not necessarily absolutely vital or moneymaking links.


Reciprocal links are a big part of what increaes your rank in search engines. I'm sure everyone would love such a contribution -- done well enough, I'm sure it'd become part of Ian's loaded snapshot, then make it's way into the standard osC.


Thanks for bringing this up, and for any work you do to make something like this available to the community. :)

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Not exactly what you are after, but if you try the "customer testimonials" contribution I made, you could really easily amend that.


It has full admin area etc, all you would need to do is strip out a couple of field and then re-arrange the results in the .sql in the testimonials page (obviously renamed to links or something)..


Use it as a base, it'll save you some coding time. :)

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