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osCsid Question


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When I start a brand new browser with cleared cookies, I get the dreaded osCsid after the URL for link on the index page. After I do a click or two, it goes away. And everything works well - I have SEO URLs installed and it looks like this:


Enable SEO URLs? true

Add cPath to product URLs? false Info

Add category parent to begining of URLs? true Info

Filter Short Words 3 Info

Output W3C valid URLs (parameter string)? true Info

Enable SEO cache to save queries? true Info

Enable product cache? true Info

Enable categories cache? true Info

Enable manufacturers cache? true Info

Enable articles cache? true Info

Enable topics cache? true Info

Enable information cache? true Info

Enable automatic redirects? true Info

Choose URL Rewrite Type Rewrite Info

Enter special character conversions Info

Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? false Info

Reset SEO URLs Cache false Info


Here is also a copy of my "Sessions" area:


Session Directory /tmp Info

Force Cookie Use False

Check SSL Session ID False Info

Check User Agent False Info

Check IP Address False Info

Prevent Spider Sessions True Info

Recreate Session False Info


Is there a definitive way to NOT have the osCsid show up, even upon the first visit -- I'm not certain I understand the "killer" contribution or which one to use, or if it is even a good idea TO use.


Any help would be terrific.



I find the fun in everything.

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Here is the Contrib I have installed...


Ultimate SEO URLs Contribution - osCommerce MS-2.2


* Ultimate SEO URLs offers search engine optimized URLS for osCommerce

* based applications. Other features include optimized performance and

* automatic redirect script.

* @package Ultimate-SEO-URLs

* @license http://opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php GNU Public License

* @version 2.1

* @link http://www.oscommerce-freelancers.com/ osCommerce-Freelancers

* @copyright Copyright 2005, Bobby Easland

* @author Bobby Easland

* @filesource

I find the fun in everything.

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The sids are supposed to show on the first 1 to 3 clicks , they can be totally removed by setting force cookies to true.


If you do not want to force cookies the other way is to use the sid killer contribution. (But be aware it does have some bugs)



There was a mod mentioned before in combination with ultimate seo urls for removing sids, but this mod did more or less just the same as force cookies aswell as create some bugs of its own.

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