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Products attributes page not working right in admin


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For some reason I am unable to change pages on the products attributes page in admin, under the products attributes..

for example, in admin. if you go to products attributes, and if you have more then 10 items listed under the products attributes section of the products attributes page, you have numbers you can click on to go to the next pages so you can edit the product name, option name, option value, value price, prefix etc... when I click on a number to go to another page to view the other products that are listed so I can edit them if I need to, the number in the browser changes but the page does not change... it stays on the first page.


another example, hopefully you know what I mean.

first page of product options is http://www.domain.com/admin/products_attributes.php

if I click on the #3 to go to the third page under product attributes the address is then


but the 1 is still red and the page did not change so I am not able to edit any of the items located on page 3


Can anyone please tell me which file it is that controls the page change and how it should read for it to work. Or is there another function I need to look for to fix this issue.


thanks for all your help.

Tony V

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