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The e-commerce.

products not going to shopping cart


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Hi Community,


I am using Ultimate SEO URLs on a localhost for developing my shop. But I can't seem to be able to log into Admin and products don't get added to the shopping cart. I think this is the same issue, but I don't know what setting it is. It runs fine on my live server, with the same code.


I am using Apache2, Php 4.4.8, MySQL 4.1.


In includes/configure.php I have :

/ * DIR_FS_* = Filesystem directories (local/physical)
// * DIR_WS_* = Webserver directories (virtual/URL)
 define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://www.localhost.com/klickshopping'); // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers
 define('HTTPS_SERVER', ''); // eg, https://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers
 define('ENABLE_SSL', false); // secure webserver for checkout procedure?
 define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');
 define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '');
 define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/');
 define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '');
 define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/');
 define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '');
 define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'images/');
 define('DIR_WS_ICONS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'icons/');
 define('DIR_WS_INCLUDES', 'includes/');
 define('DIR_WS_BOXES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'boxes/');
 define('DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'functions/');
 define('DIR_WS_CLASSES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'classes/');
 define('DIR_WS_MODULES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'modules/');
 define('DIR_WS_LANGUAGES', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'languages/');

 define('DIR_WS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC', 'pub/');
 define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', 'C:\\Apache\\Apache2\\htdocs\\klickshopping\\');
 define('DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'download/');


And my phpinfo() session settings :

Session Support 	enabled
Registered save handlers 	files user

Directive	Local Value	Master Value
session.auto_start	Off	Off
session.bug_compat_42	On	On
session.bug_compat_warn	On	On
session.cache_expire	180	180
session.cache_limiter	nocache	nocache
session.cookie_domain	no value	no value
session.cookie_lifetime	0	0
session.cookie_path	/	/
session.cookie_secure	Off	Off
session.entropy_file	no value	no value
session.entropy_length	0	0
session.gc_divisor	100	100
session.gc_maxlifetime	1440	1440
session.gc_probability	1	1
session.referer_check	no value	no value
session.save_handler	files	files
session.save_path	no value	no value
session.serialize_handler	php	php
session.use_cookies	On	On
session.use_only_cookies	Off	Off
session.use_trans_sid	On	Off


Can anyone see why this would happen. I have changed my host from localhost to www.localhost.com, which does seem to have made some difference to the displayed url when pointing at shopping_cart.php by appending a ?sort=4a whereas it was blank before. And my admin just returns to the login page after putting the login info, without any errors, it also displays the ?osCAdminID= Thanks for your time.

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Bump, still not worked this out, have I given enough or the right data?

maybe try localhost instead of www.localhost.com


you might need a site name like klickshopping.test

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