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A little help on a gift registry


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I tried to install the gift registry contrib, but found it was a little over my head and decided to just hire a programmer to do it for me.


I found someone willing to do it, but he ended up flaking out 75% into the project and left me with a non-functional registry that just confused my users.


I was able to make some sense of what he did and fixed it all so it is functional. There is only one part I'm still not sure how to do. I need to put a button on the product pages that will add the product to the gift registry. I made a button already, i'm just not sure what code i need to put with it to make it work properly.


I don't know if he used a contribution or just wrote it himself so i don't know if there is just a standard thing that would work with most registries or if there is something specific that needs to be done to make it work with this one. Let me know if there is any more info I can provide. (In the code it references SammySolutions.com - so that may be where he got the registry)


Here is the site if that will help: http://www.punkbabyclothes.net

I've hidden the registry for now, but can be accessed through http://www.punkbabyclothes.net/shop/add_registry.php


Thanks so much in advance

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OK, I'm having another problem with the registry as well. When i set up a registry account and then search for it, it says "Sorry. Nobody with this name found in the registry."


Is this just because no registries actually have products associated with them? Or is there something else that might be causing this problem?

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