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Newbie - need help with Paypal Checkout


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Hi - newbie to OC, but have used some other payment systems on other platforms, so have vague idea on how to work things, however, have run into a problem with checkout on a very basic shop setup.


Details are:

Charity website shop

Already have Paypal a/c for basic shopping cart facility on site currently.

Trying to set up Paypal Express Checkout and have enabled it, but couldn't find where or how to get the API info. Only mention of it on Paypal is with respect to Website Payments Pro, yet Express Checkout gives the impression it can be used singularly. As a (very small!) charity we certainly couldn't justify the £20 monthly fee as we rarely even bring in that amount in a month sometimes.


Can someone just clarify with me perhaps if there's a way round this or if I'm picking it up wrong? And if so, how to go about getting the info required i.e API U/N, P/W and signature?


Appreciate your patience as I'm sure others have had a similar problem but I couldn't find a solution to it in searches here. :(

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Thanks for that. Presume therefore, that there's no way of just using the basic (free) paypal in oC? Just that this is our current primary payment method (using their buttons/cart etc) and one of my reasons to shifting over to oC was to try and streamline things a bit more, but if we can't use PP as we do currently, then it will be useless for our purposes. I just don't want to misinterpret this issue and perhaps ditch a very useful resource errantly, so would appreciate just a bit more info on it if possible?


Thanks again.

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There is use paypal standard it uses paypal IPN system.This can be installed with Paypal account that does not ask for monthly rentals.



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