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The e-commerce.

Can OSCommerce do this?


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I have used OSCommerce once before and liked it. I am now going to be building a site that will need specific things, and I wanted to ask if these things were possible, and if I should use OSCommerce again.


1 - I want to have 'pay per view' online videos. For example, a dog training lesson on housebreaking. I want the visitor to be able to purchase the video and watch it online (but also have the choice of purchasing the DVD of the same thing), and only view the video if they have paid. I know this is possible, but is it with OSCommerce? How? Add-ons?


2 - Is it possible to have a visitor purchase a bundle of online videos?


3 - Does OSCommerce allow unlimited custom pages, ie static pages?


4 - Can the site, with OSCommerce, have a main page of text and not products? This site will be an online dog training site, so products are not the center of the site, but I do need a cart for visitors to purchase online videos.


I hope I explained the above well enough.


A good example of what I would like to have is this: http://www.dogwhispererdvd.com/Its-Pawsibl...ine-Videos.html - minus the messy site and abundance of text :P



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