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Total Shipping Weight


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Does anyone have any ideas how I can grab the total shipping weight in the admin area for a php script I am attempting to piece together to handle my shipping needs?


Is it stored anywhere?



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My problem is this, however, that some orders are manually put in and therefore dont use a shipping module on checkout... this figure needs to be generated on the admin side.

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ok, ive come up with the following so far:-


	$fetch_product = mysql_query("SELECT products_id,products_quantity FROM orders_products WHERE orders_id='$oID'");
$product = mysql_fetch_row($fetch_product);

$fetch_weight = mysql_query("SELECT products_weight FROM products WHERE products_id='$product[0]'");
$weight = mysql_fetch_row($fetch_weight);

$total_weight = ($weight[0] * $product[1]);


this will multiply a quantity by product, but what if there is more than 1 line of products... ie 2 of 1 item and 1 of another item. How can I have it fetch the second row of orders?

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