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Daily Sales Report


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Hi Folks!


Please excuse me if I've missed something, but I'm almost ready to activate my store and I've been snooping around for a quick and easy way to get a daily sales report (all the typical "invoice information" for the customers who've placed orders that day, or week, or month, etc.). I want to use this list as hard copy for order fulfillment.


My payment gateway receives only the cc#, exp. date, and total, so complete order info cannot come via them.


So far, I receive in my email a copy of the same confirmation email that osC sends out to the customer once the payment is accepted. That's fine, but I don't want to rely on email as my only means of getting notification of orders, as email can easily go amiss. Nor do I want to dig down into MySQL by hand for it every day.


Is there a simple contribution for my needs? I've been looking in Community Add-ons > Reports, but haven't found anything.


How do other store owners handle this?


Thanks a million,


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Try contribution 2791

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Thanks, Geoffrey, but it doesn't sound like what I need. Like many such contributions, this one focuses on totals of items ordered (for inventory purposes), rather than invoice info.


I'd like something that gives me a table of:


Order date

osC Order Number

Customer Name

Shipping Address

Billing Address

Email address

Items ordered

Shipping, taxes, etc, and total charged

Customer comments


...displayed invoice-by-invoice, in a printable format.



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I have just noticed that Admin > Customers > Orders fulfills most of what I need, but if anyone knows of a contrib. that makes this info easily printable in a table format, I'd welcome the info.




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