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Credit Class and GV 4.1 checkout problem


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I recently installed the modules to my OSCommerce installation and now when "Checkout" is pressed it returns a 404 error when trying to load "checkout_payment.php".


The file is in the correct directory and I can back off the installed CC/GV module files the process runs fine, so I assume there is something being included that I don't have installed correctly.


I have enabled GV in Order Totals and can send a voucher from the admin panel, and redeem it within my store.


I did a search on the subject and see references to a new checkout procedure. I'm hoping might have missed something simple as I do not want to update to the latest build. I've also tried the 3.2 version but with the same results. I am also using the iTransact module for payment processing.


Thank you,

Earl McManus

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I am experiencing the same issue.

I have undone and redone this 4 times now and still get the 404 when trying to check out :shock:


Anyone ?




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My snapshot was older than I thought :oops:


The 3.2 version of the GV works .. except the total isn't reflected *

--- example -----

Sub-Total: $5.00 us

Tax: $1.16 us

UPS GND 1 X 1.1: $7.58 us

Total: $13.74 us

Gift Vouchers: $1.00 us

--- //example -----


*Shouldn't there be a Final Total or something ? ($12.74)


Also, if a voucher is purchased the customer is charged shipping :(


Am I missing something ?


Thanks for any ideas .


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*Shouldn't there be a Final Total or something ? ($12.74)  


I forgot to set the order of the order totals modules to make sure the gift voucher was seen before the total




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