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UPS XML Shopping_cart.php error


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From the documentation for the install:



Step 9



The packaging routines are done outside of the shipping module in the class packing. It is instantiated when the page checkout_shipping is called (I tried to add it to includes/classing/shipping.php which makes more sense but the class remained invisible to the shipping module for some unknown reason... must have done something wrong).


For this a change to catalog/checkout_shipping.php is needed.


Lines 59-60




$total_weight = $cart->show_weight();

$total_count = $cart->count_contents();




// BOF changes for adding class packing


$dimensions_support = 1;

} elseif (defined('SHIPPING_DIMENSIONS_SUPPORT') && SHIPPING_DIMENSIONS_SUPPORT == 'With product dimensions') {

$dimensions_support = 2;

} else {

$dimensions_support = 0;



if ($dimensions_support > 0) {

require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'packing.php');

$packing = new packing;


// EOF changes for adding class packing


You're done.


Great... so checkout_shipping.php works fine.


The problem is, after installing this newer version of UPS XML (that separated the two things (bolded) above). Shopping_cart.php no longer displays the correct info for shipping at the bottom.


For example:


Checkout_Shipping.php gives == United Parcel Service (4 pkg(s), 39 lbs total)

Shopping_cart.php gives == United Parcel Service (1 pkg, 0 lbs total)


Hmm, obviously wrong.


I've tried going back to a new 2.2 file and adding the changes (step 3 in the documentation). I've tried adding them to me existing already somewhat modded version, neither case works, they all resort to that 1pkg 0 lbs quote.


I'm thinking that this is a deficiency in the mod. The issue is that customers would see the cheap shipping quote, then checkout, and see the quote has changed, and get angry.

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additionally shopping_cart.php was running very very slow and causing the whole site to run slow... from problems communicating with UPS. I rolled back the changes and the problems are gone, runs fast.

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