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Freedom Fighter

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At my store you can buy a computer case and I have set it up so that you can add a power supply, case fan, and lighting for your case to your order. However on the drop down menus I have like the different things then I have like NO EXTRA FAN so if the customer doesn't want to add a fan, he/she can choose NO EXTRA FAN. I'm wanting to make it so that each option starts on NO EXTRA <product name> You can actually see what I'm talking about here: http://www.extremealterations.com/product_...266653a1213acf7


help with this would be GREATLY appericated..




Extreme Alterations

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You could use the Attributes Sorter and Copier Add-on in the contributions and define the order your attributes should be in.


Or, have your top attribute start with a space and sort by name or price.

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I am kind of partial to the Attributes Sorter and Copier v5.0 ... but then I wrote that ... 8)


You really need to decide which best suits your needs.


The advantages of the Attributes Sorter and Copier is that you can control just about everything about the attributes on a per product basis.


Plus, if you have a lot of similar products and need to keep setting up the same attributes, the copier feature is really handy.

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Linda, next week i am going to delve into some *serious* product addition, and this sounds like it will save me a lot of time! Do you have a download link for me, contributions are a bit of a nightmare to navigate...

Regards, Jay.

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Freedon Fighter....


I noticed that when people visit your forum, they have no link to get back to your online store page...you probably should link that top left banner back to store page...right now it's linking to forum.


see what I mean here...



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