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whats wrong with addons.osc?!


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Whats wrong with it?!!! I cant remember the last time i came here and it worked.


oh... now it works, as soon as i post this.


Well i thought it was, it's loading now... but the search just clocks. addons.osc must be overloaded or only has 300 baud of bandwidth

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Perhaps its teasing you!

It is not always slow as molasses in winter but it happens often the last couple of weeks.


Don't know why (yet?). I understood that the forums where under some DOS attack one weekend, a number of weeks ago. Perhaps it is spammers who like to get into the live stores section with some scripts?

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It often has not loaded for me over the last few weeks. Some times it does load but is just very slow to do so - other times i get an error page

It is up and down like a yo-yo. Persistence is the key.

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